25 Top Social Media Secrets Kept Away from Small Businesses


You’ve been chipping away at social media for years now. Yet, it’s getting harder and harder to see results. This EBook is going to reveal 25 top social media secrets and share some social media management advice for small businesses that are looking to spend less time managing their social media, while still getting results, as Social media can get unwieldy, fast.
Social. Media. These two words have made you either jump for joy or curl up in a fetal position in your pajamas at the overwhelming nature of these platforms. Either of these reactions are probably the reason you’re here: either you love everything about social media or the mere thought sends you into a panic-induced sweat.
With social media, It’s hard to stay on-strategy, and even harder to prove your results. However, here are some key social media management templates to help assist you in taming the social media beast.
You’ll find useful checklists and a bunch of social media management templates/tools, like:
A daily, weekly, and monthly social media management task checklist.
A social media calendar template to plan all your posts.
A social media strategy to guide you through your new strategy process.
A social media crisis checklist in case things ever go wrong.

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