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Emeka Ugbor-Abosi

Emeka Ugbor-Abosi is the Principal Consultant at Christopher Parker Consult, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. A practicing entrepreneur, public speaker, publisher, blogger and ghost writer, the graduate of the KTIP Business School is the author of the books “From idea to business”, "Why do businesses fail?", "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?", "One, three times daily" and "Leadership Principles for Secondary School Prefects". He is passionate about promoting entrepreneurial/enterprise development especially among young people as he strongly believes it is the potent tool for national development and prosperity. Through his Business Development Academy, he organizes seminars and workshops on Entrepreneurial Development and offers business advisory services and mentoring to several small and medium enterprises.He owns the blogs and


Nearly everyone dreams of giving expression to their innate entrepreneurial desires by starting and running their own business. And quite a number of people have actually dared the odds and taken the bold step to launch out.

Unfortunately, the probability of a start-up enterprise failing, especially in the early years of its existence, is overwhelmingly high and very many have actually failed because most entrepreneurs adopt the trial and error method of running a business. This can be attributed among other things to the absence of adequate, real life practical information that will serve as a guide for proper preparation before and after the business is launched.

This e-book, From Idea to Business, is written in simple, easily relatable language and offers new and practicing entrepreneurs a practical, step by step guide to starting and successfully sustaining their enterprises from idea conception to business actualization.

Written by a serial entrepreneur speaking from practical experience gained on the field, it also teaches what not to do, likely pitfalls to be encountered on the entrepreneurial journey and how to overcome them. 

Covering a wide range of topics like what motivates people to start their own business, critical questions to answer before venturing into business, choosing a line of business (while considering your personality type and abilities), pathways to starting a business, set up formalities and post set-up growth strategies, it also contains tips on common mistakes to avoid while writing your business plan, a list of suggested easy to start business ideas and a book keeping checklist for small businesses.



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