Hot Soup, reimagining Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, portrays a tragic event through the themes of over-ambitiousness, impatience, greed, wickedness, murder, death, revenge and some motifs which depict a tense atmosphere and tone in the play. In the Standard English (SE), the play gives virtually a new taste of Macbeth in the plot (storyline) and dramatic techniques sustained by surprise and suspense. …Balogun’s wife walks in her sleep and speaks of her part in the crimes. She dies while a force besieges Balogun’s palace. Balogun courageously fought to the last minute but was eventually murdered by Arogundade. Balogun hurriedly licks hot soup and ends up with burnt tongue! The play is exciting and spellbinding, and it has what it takes for education and relaxation. The students, film houses, artistes and lovers of literature will love to read and act the play. The examination bodies at the various levels can find it useful to recommend to the literature students. The proof of the pudding is in the eating! –Author

I applaud the writer for his/her bold attempt to adapt a classic play such as Macbeth. While it often takes intelligent minds to read any of Shakespeare’s plays and understand the complexities of the language and styles in which they have been written, it is only a highly learned and determined individual that would take the challenge further by investing time and energy into envisioning and writing one of Shakespeare’s best tragedies in a simple modern-day English language. — Editor

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