Voices of My Talking Drum


Voices of My Talking Drum is a collection of poems with variegated thematic concerns which capture social, emotional, economic, cultural and political experiences of man. The issues discussed by the poet range from love, power, damnation, strained relationships, peace, morals, corrections, conflicts resolutions, love, death, pride, power, peace, wickedness, brutality, consequences, revenge, honour and respect life issues to vanity. The poet treats life as an undulation of sadness, joy, tolerance, hardship, failure and success. The language is simple and economical, but powerful. The structure is linear in a way that the audience will simply follow the poems with clear understanding. Its poetic configuration is across metaphoric and sound manipulative effects. Some imagery and tropes are used to arrest the attention of the readers and to make the poetry mind-boggling. Every student at the various levels of education from primary schools to tertiary institutions and society at large must have very special lessons to learn in the poetry. Also, there are many thematic concerns that fit in for different examinations on literature, from which examining bodies may select to set questions.

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