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Enlightening minds; transforming destinies)


MODEBOOKS is a product of MODE Digital Creations Limited, a company with the sole aim of enlightening minds and transforming destinies, by bridging the gap between authors and readers, by providing a platform where authors can easily sell their books and readers can also have easy access to every book they want to buy or read for free.


Here are some of the questions book readers or buyers might have.

All books donated to the Dream Alive Project are free and open to the public/students. Authors can list their books for free, which automatically becomes part of the Dream Alive Project and those books can always be read for free. To discover free books, just visit the Dream Alive Project page to access all available books.

Our live readable pages ensures you can read the books from any device that can access our platform. Some authors list their books as audios, photos, PDF documents or Word documents. Your device must be able to read those formats for you to read or download them. Therefore, make sure you understand this before you decide to buy or read a book.

You are free to download any book you buy and have access to it for a life time, you will also have free access to all books on the Dream Alive Project page, as long as any book remains listed on our platform. We encourage all buyers of books to download the purchased books to their devices as the authors may decide to remove them or make changes and you will no longer have access to it.

We have several payment methods and are adding more to the list. Simply add books to your shopping cart, then proceed to checkout. When you are about to checkout, select the payment option most convenient for you. You can use MasterCard/Visa card, Direct Bank Deposit/Transfer for those in Nigeria and PayPal.

Processing fees may apply depending on the payment method you choose.

Important information

MODE Minds is an avenue given to authors to discuss their books with the public/readers. MODE Minds allows readers of the author’s books to ask questions about the authors work and answers are provided.


The public (authors) register on the site to enable them publish their book(s) and they earn 80% commission paid monthly when book sales reach a threshold. Publishing of books on the site is free, however, Authors can pay a fee to have their books edited, cover redesigned, formatted or improved on. allows for limited book preview by the public, authors can also donate their books to the DREAM ALIVE PROJECT, where the public are encouraged to read one book a day, a week or a month.



Dream Alive is our contribution towards advancing the educational development of the country/continent, by ensuring that books are provided, reading culture is reignited, new dreams are birthed, new visions inspired and new projects initiated.

The DREAM ALIVE Project gives the general public the unique opportunity to donate their old books, which will be distributed to selected schools and communities. Authors also donate books to the project; students are challenged to read one book, either daily, weekly and or monthly.


They will then through our book club initiate conversations based on the concepts of the books, ignite new ideas and inspire others to read more books also, and in the process, we will grow an army of readers, who will eventually become leaders.


You can submit books that meets our standards on (Pornographic, occultic and poorly written books are not allowed). The process is simple.

However, you can only sell your own books, or books that you have rights to sell, as we respect copyrights. We accept PDF, Word Document, Mp3 audio or text versions.



  1. Visit
  2. Create an account or login if you already have one. Locate the book submission link
  3. type in the book title, book author, and click continue.
  4. Upload book cover photo (if you don’t have one, we can design one for you at a cost), select genres (genres are book categories like non-fiction, self- help, fiction, history, business, motivational/inspirational, etc.)
  5. Add a description of the book, and decide to make it public or leave it as a draft.

Note that all books are reviewed before they are made available for sale to the public.

Published books can be reviewed as well as discovered by visitors.

We accept PDF, Microsoft Word, MP3 Audio, you can easily upload it at once. You can also have a photo selection that you can upload. You can also type the text in a text field provided.

In the pricing page, you choose how much you want to sell your book. Please note that all books without prices are assumed to be donations to our dream alive project.


When all these options are set and saved, your book should be ready to go on sale, after our review. To find books you have submitted, login to your authors’ account and see your books under review or published books.

From your authors’ account, you will see information about all sales. However, the threshold for payment for book sales is Five Thousand Naira (#5,000), paid monthly when an author reaches the threshold and all authors earn 80% commission on all books sold. Authors get paid through bank transfers or PayPal.

If you are need of cover design or need your book formatted or edited. We have in house professionals to handle all your publishing needs. Simply contact us on +447404644567 (WhatsApp only)


As an author that wants to sell or donate your book, we have made it easy by providing answers to frequently asked questions.


We have explained above in detailed steps on how to submit your book on either as an Author or as Bookseller.

Just click on Submit New Book, add details of the book. If you have the rights to sell it or distribute for free, follow the process of submitting a book and your book is ready to go live after our review.

Upload PDF, Word Document, Audio file, Photos or text and submit.


When someone buys your book, it will appear in your sales report, when you log in to your authors’ account, however, payments are made when you reach the threshold of Five Thousand Naira and you have to make a request for withdrawal.  You can withdraw through a Nigerian bank account or PayPal.


You can donate your book for free to the Dream Alive Project


All authors get paid 80% for each sale, however, request for withdrawal is when the author reaches the threshold of Five Thousand Naira (#5,000)


Yes, you can decide to remove your book from being sold at any time. But you cannot remove reviews and other information submitted by others.

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