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How to get a professionally designed book cover in Nigeria

The point is this: you can never get a second chance to make the first impression. Although people say, ” do not judge a book by its cover,” you must also know that something that appeals to the eyes seems most worthy.

That is why you need a well-designed book cover.

So, if you are an established author, or still up-and-coming but wondering how you can get a good cover design for your new book, we promise to help you out.

How can I get a professional book cover in Nigeria?

Employ design professionals

If you want to get a simple but attractive book cover that will help you book to sell, one thing you could do is to find trusted professionals.

There are different platforms in Nigeria where you can find these professionals. Some of them include:


When you get onto these platforms, use the search button to find different people offering that service.

Review their profile and previous works. If what you see impresses you, then go ahead to hire the person.

Aside from these freelance platforms, you can also get help from digital service companies. You can check different business listing websites to find one.

Reach out to other authors

Another simple way to get a good book cover as a Nigerian author is to ask fellow authors on how to get their book covers designed.

Perhaps there is one of these your favorite authors whose book covers you like. You can reach the person via email or phone, as the case may be. The author might be willing to refer you to his designer.

Meanwhile, not everyone you reached will respond. So, if you are using this strategy, be patient, resilient, and do well to reach as many as possible.

It would be easier if you already have an author to whom you’re close.

Get help from writer’s communities

As a writer, you should join many writer’s communities, not just because you would need ideas and encouragement. You would also need them in cases like this.

In a single community, there could be a host of authors who have passed through the period you are currently passing. Their advice would help you scale through.

You could ask the community to suggest a trusted or good book cover designer help you out in your project. You will be surprised at the amount of help you would get.

You can find such helpful communities on writer’s Facebook groups. Our community is also a good place to fall back on.

Let your publisher figure it out

Most book publishing companies have an in-house designer who can give you a professional-looking book cover. So, if you want to save yourself from these previous methods, you can resort to this one.

But if you are a self-publishing author, then you can consider the strategies discussed above.

Finally, you must not compromise the quality of your book cover. Chances are that your book will not sell if it doesn’t have a descriptive, simple, and attractive book cover.

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