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How to turn books into into audio books in Nigeria

To turn your books into audiobooks, you will definitely need to go a step further. But since you have done the more difficult part which is writing the books, turning them into an audio form will be a walkover for you.

In this post, we shall put you through the simple processes of how to turn your books into audiobooks. Different ways you can make audiobooks

Hire a producer

If you want to save your time for other activities, you can hire a music producer to help you out. The producer will do the narrating and every audio work involved.

But while you save your time, note that the cost is pretty higher than the alternative methods.

To hire a producer, simply go to freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and others. You might need to see samples of their previous works before you can entrust them with your project.

Perhaps you have an audiobooks sample which has similar narration as the one you want, then you should help the producer with it.

Do it yourself

The good news is that you can narrate your book by yourself and avoid the throat-slitting cost of hiring a producer. This method will allow you to build a prior relationship with your audience, especially if your book is non-fiction.

For prose work, you might need someone else to help you out.

What Do you need to set up your audiobook by yourself?

  • Microphone
  • Pop filter
  • Microphone stand
  • Monitor headphone
  • Good recording environment
  • Audio recording software
  • Noise absorber (Blanket or thick clothes, and pillow)

An ideal recording environment should have no background noise. You can cover your recording area with the blanket and pillow, to bloc

Your microphone should also be of good quality, so that the sound quality will be great.

What are the benefits of audiobooks?

It makes life simpler

Do you get tired of listening to what interests you?

Maybe you would, but hardly will you especially when you’re buried in its fun. Audiobooks create similar feelings.

Instead of reading from line to line, your readers can simply plug in their eyephone and listen to it without much stress. It makes it easier for the reader to consume more than he would if it were readable books.

Your books can go viral

Audiobooks are easily shared especially when it is in digital form. Technology has made things easier and so reaching a more worthy audience is easier.

The combination of your great books and these technologies would yield marveling results.

What can I do to get my books into audio form?

It offers a lower competition

Currently in Nigeria, audiobooks have not become a very popular form. Hence it is a great boost for you to explore the unattended market.

In addition to the previous benefits, you would scale faster on your career as an author.

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