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How to get ISBN for your book in Nigeria

Are you planning to publish your dream book thus wondering how you can get the ISBN?

As a Nigerian, it is not a painstaking effort to secure one. And in this post, you will learn every single thing you need to know about the subject.

What is ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a 13-digit code that makes every book in the world stand out.
However, an ISBN is unique to a book, an edition, and even a book cover. Before January 1st 2007, this code used to be 10-digits.
The number can either start with 978 or 979. A certain line of the number is unique to every country.

Where you should go

To acquire an ISBN in Nigeria, all you need to do is to visit any National Library of Nigeria (NNLN) office across the country to obtain the form.
Nonetheless, you will need to go with some documents.

Documents needed

You need the following documents to apply for the International Standard Book Number in Nigeria.
● ISBN/ISSN application letter addressed to the Director of National Library of Nigeria.
● Completed ISBN application form
● Photocopy of your business certificate of incorporation obtained from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
● A copy of your book’s manuscript.
You will attach these documents with the processing fee.

The cost of ISBN Registration in Nigeria

The application form of ISBN in Nigeria is 2,500 Naira.
Nonetheless, you might incur some other charges depending not captured in this fee.

The importance and benefits of having ISBN

“Do I really need an ISBN?” is a question you might have asked yourself.
Well, it depends on how you choose to market the book. If you hope to sell on Amazon Kindle, then you don’t need ISBN that much. This platform is the largest book store online and it has its own unique tracking code (which is the primary function of ISBN).
On the other hand, if you would sell a physical book, or you would want your book to be featured in Libraries, then you will definitely need it.
It is your choice to make whether or not you should go for it.

Meanwhile, here are the benefits you will stand to gain when you acquire one for your book:
● It helps you track your online book sells
● Book retailers use it to track inventory
● The code makes your book stand out, and gather more authority, both online and offline.

Who should apply for ISBN/ISSN?

Only the book publisher is permitted to apply for this number.
But if an author self-published the book, then he can apply by himself.
National Library of Nigeria (NLN) offices across the country.

● Abuja: Plot 274 Sanusi House, Central Business District Abuja
● Lagos: 227 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos State.
● Ibadan: Iyaganku, New Gra, Ibadan, Oyo State.
● Katsina: Dutsin-ma Road, Opposite Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, Dutsinma Road.
● Abia: Ohokobe Townhall, Ibeku, Umuahia.
● Adamawa: Modibo Adamu Way, Near Aliyu Mustapha Primary School.
● Bauchi: Yakubu Bauchi Road, Kobi Street.
● Benue: No. 31, J.S. Tarka Road, Beside Fire Services, Makurdi.
● Borno: Kano Road Opposite Police Headquarters.
● Niger: Mohammed Road, Old Airport Road, Minna.
● Ogun: 83, Ijemo Agbadu Road, Sapon-Abeokuta.
● Sokoto: 12, Sultan Bello road, Sokoto.
● Taraba: G.T.T.S. Best Centre, Jalingo.
● Kwara: Herald Newspaper Office Premises, Offa Road, Ilorin.
● Kano: Kofar Nassarawa, Opposite Kano Printing Press, Kano.
● Imo: Plot 5009, New Owerri.
● Enugu: Independence layout, Auchi Road, Enugu
● Edo: Ministry of Education Premises, Iyaro, Benin City.
● Cross River: 2, Otop Abasi Street, Calabar.
● Kaduna: Bida Road, Kaduna.
● Gombe: Duku Road, Opposite Prison Yard, Gombe.

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