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Reawakening the reading culture

Reading is not just an exercise that stretches the mind and transports us to worlds and horizons we will never have been able to travel to physically, even if we try to do it in a million years, it enriches our worldview, expands our mind, deepens our understanding, teaches us and equips us with the knowledge and skills to transverse and travel through the contours of time. But what makes us to be committed to this commitment is when platforms like modebooks are available that the task becomes easy and enjoyable.

The beauty of the world is that at every time and season, there will always be fads and trends, new inventions and innovations, which most times comes with funfair, either at the point of introduction or as they eventually gradually get submerged in another trending or emerging fad.
But despite all the technological advancements, and the advancement of human knowledge and thinking, one thing that has stayed with us all through and stubbornly refusing to fade away are books.

Books may have evolved from no covers to hardcovers, to paperbacks and now ultimately ebooks, simply called digital or electronic books. The true fact of life will remain that books will remain a major source of knowledge, as the secrets and beauties of the world are always most times hidden in the pages of a book.

There is no doubt therefore. that changing times and the need to meet up with the challenges of the modern family and world has greatly reduced a 24 hour day to merely a 12 hour day, with the resultant effect of less and less been done everyday, with 1 zillion things demanding for our attention, and humans have genuinely came up with the beautiful truthful lie and excuse of “no time”.
The question then arises, if there is no time to attend to the ever-increasing and pressing needs of life, how then can one have the time to discover the secrets and beauties dwelling deeply in the marrows of our being.

No doubt then that, a false saying is gradually becoming true. It is commonly said that the only way to keep something away from a black man is to hide it in the pages of a book. We are bold then to announce that sayings such as this does no longer hold water, as platforms like modebooks are ensuring that books are made available to all and sundry, and since the books are mainly ebooks, the proverbial hiding in a book will no longer stand, as each and everyone will have access to modebooks platforms, authors will be able to write more and sell more, develop stronger voices and stimulate change through their books and readers will be at liberty to read more, and also buy any book of their choice with the aim if expanding and developing their minds.

A wise man once said that readers are leaders, it therefore implies that the generation that will make a difference will be those that will deliberately decide to fall in love with books all over again, as books will not only reignite new thoughts and ideals, it will also widen and stretch out the horizons of the mind, thereby giving birth to new thinking, new ways of being and new identity.

Embarking on this reawakening, in all ramifications is no mean feat, but platforms like modebooks, has ensured that the process becomes as seedless, friendly and as easy as possible.
The changing times is therefore an advantage as everyone with a smart phone can easily use their commute time and lazing about time to read and acquire the requisite skills to become better leaders.

The joy that comes with reading can be seen in the analogy that If you empty your pocket to fill up your brain by buying and reading books today, your brain will fill up your pockets in million folds tomorrow!
So why do you find it so easy upgrading your phones and wardrobes, and difficult upgrading your library! These truths are evident to all men/women! Readers are leaders! Modebooks is the most amazing platform that enables authors to write and sell, and readers buy and read! Are you an author or a reader? We have amazing deals for you because we are modebooks

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