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MODEBOOKS is a product of MODE Digital Creations Limited, a company with the sole aim of enlightening minds and transforming destinies, by bridging the gap between authors and readers, by providing a platform where authors can easily sell their books and readers can also have easy access to every book they want to buy or read for free.

There is no doubt that authors face challenges, particularly those in Nigeria and other African countries, as the top eBooks stores hardly cater for the needs of African authors and readers, and also due to the declining culture and waning interest in reading due to the hype culture, there is therefore no better way to remedy this by building a platform to sell books (EBooks, Paper back, old books) and also make books available for free for students and the general public, through our Dream Alive project.  

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Unlock a world where stories shape futures and books build bridges.

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Dive into tales from diverse voices! Find your next read or study buddy. Whether for fun or learning, weʼve got a book for you. Reading joy awaits!

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Team up with us! Expand your reach as a bookstore. Offer a vast selection of African literature. Grow sales, impact lives. Let’s write success stories together.

Dream Alive

Help us turn the page for literacy! Join our Dream Alive project. Gift books for free to students and inspire the next generation. Be a reading hero.

Author Support

We shine a light on African authors! Get your books in front of eager readers. Enjoy support that lifts your writing career. Itʼs your time to be known!


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Join a platform where your stories come alive and find eager readers. Modebooks connects authors and book lovers, making it easy to publish, sell, or find your next great read. Your literary adventure starts here!


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